Automated Complaint Reporting Database on Human Rights Violations in Nigeria

It is a warehouse of complaints on HR violations in Nigeria.


This is a digital platform developed to provide citizens with opportunities to report any form of violations of their rights as human beings and citizens by the security agencies (Most especially the Police Force and the Military) engaged in counter terrorism operations. It was also meant to provide citizens with a faster and cheaper means of reporting human rights violations that is line with the 21st century best practices. In addition, the platform allows victims to upload evidence (Video, audio, pictorial etc) without risking losing it in the course of travels and or further violations by the same agency. The platform would have all the key Police and Military oversights agencies (Complain Response Unit of the NPF, Human Rights Desk of the Army, Public Complaints Commission, National Human Rights Commission, Police Service Commission and Ministry of Defence) on board, with a standardized reporting tool for reporting violations that took into cognisance new trends of development in countering violent extremism, for effective collaboration and quick redress.



To improve transparency and accountability of the Police and Military oversights agencies.


To improve transparency and accountability of the Police and Military oversights agencies.


To encourage a more effective and safer way of keeping records of complaints.

To have an automated standardized reporting tool that stores all human rights violations complaints reported to any of the Police and Military oversights agencies.


To provide Nigerian citizens with quicker, cheaper and more efficient and effective means of reporting human rights violations.

To encourage quick redress of complaints in order to boost citizens’ confidence of the oversights agencies

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